Wednesday, 19 February 2020

A very Special Day in the history of Jemsox Ltd today! It is our 50th Anniversary in the Fashion Industry serving the world with good quality Clothing

On Behalf of the Founder of Jemsox, I would like to thank each and everyone who has contributed to our Successful business. To our present and past employees, manufacturers, contractors and everyone else, I would send a Massive Thank you for helping Jemsox Ltd achieving a valued place in the fashion industry. To Celebrate this Special occasion, we have launched a special upcycled range of socks which we are sure will revolutionise the marketplace with its sustainability factor. And to our valued existing and new customers we are giving a special discount code for this occasion. Watch Out for Discount code to be announced today. With Kind Regards on this Day, Thursday 20th February 2020, Have a Great Day. Ben Pain, CEO of Jemsox. #jemsox #50thAnniversary #50th #jemsoxuk #socks #uksocks #topsocks
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